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Welcome to our site. While you're here, have a look at some screenshots or post your thoughts, opinions, and suggestions on the forums. Have fun!


Openglad-e information has been added.


  • 8/12/04 - Yan and I started a major overhaul of the Openglad-e code, rewriting some major parts of it. I believe the code will become beautiful when we are done with it, not to mention make it a whole lot easier to add some of the planned features for Openglad-e.

  • 7/23/04 - I added some long overdue information on Openglad-e to the site. If you have something you would like see added to Openglad-e, or have any questions about the planned features, let us know in the forums.

  • 6/17/04 - Well, turned out that there was no time at all during the school year to work on Openglad, so we've resumed now. Openglad-e is proceeding rather nicely, with Lua support almost complete and a large chunk of the code in the process of undergoing a major cleanup. The charfiles and preference files are now all Lua, and you can create classes and script new specials without compiling anything. Nothing is complete yet, but its starting to look better. Anyways, just so everyone knows, we're not dead and we are coding.

  • 7/22/03 - We are not dead! We didn't suddenly get sucked into /dev/null, either. Summer's been really busy with jobs and preperations for college and utter laziness, but we're working on stuff. Openglad-e CVS has targa, ogg, and charfiles support now, so that you can define classes via a file called (classname).char, you can edit the graphics easilly, and the sounds are l337. Its good stuff. More hopefully coming soon.

  • 5/13/03 - After a long time of us being busy with schoolwork and tests and lives (and, when coding, Openglad Enhanced), Openglad 0.98 has finally been released! Available immediately as a source tarball or zip, this version fixes the crash-on-retreat bug that was in 0.97 that came about as a result of the leak fixes from 0.95, so it should be a good upgrade for everyone using either .95 or .97. For all you windows folks, joysticks should now work. Openscen works slightly better now as well, at least it should be easier to edit border tiles. And speaking of openscen, don't forget to check out the scenario contest! :-) Update: binaries for Linux and Windows are now up. Have fun.

  • 5/13/03 - The theme for the scenario contest was decided last weekend. It is the Fall of Troy. Look at the Yahoo list for more info.

  • 4/26/03 - No, we're not dead :-). School has been taking up a whole lot of time lately, so we havn't been able to code much, but we're getting back up to speed. The Gladiator Yahoo group is going to have their first Monthly Scenario Contest, and nominations for the theme are running till the end of the month, so hurry up and check it out! Voting on the theme starts on the 5th and the theme will be known by the 11th. The winner (decided the week after June 7th) gets mad props and (if he wants) gets his scenario hosted up here. If you want to enter, send a message to the Gladiator Yahoo Group.

  • 1/12/03 - Niall O'Higgins sent in FreeBSD binaries today! They're up at the usual places.

  • 1/9/03 - New screenshots are up! They replaced those ugly JPEGs that had been up before. See them here.

  • 1/9/03 - Openglad 0.97 has been released! Its available in source, as Linux (i386) binaries, and as a Win32 binary. Enjoy!


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