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Latest releases:

A tarball of Snowstorm's cvsroot is made every night. The nightly tarball is located at http://cvs.sourceforge.net/cvstarballs/snowstorm-cvsroot.tar.gz

Recent Snowstorm releases:

  • Openglad
    • Openglad 0.98 - No longer crashes like 0.97 did! Openscen made a bit less annoying. Joystsicks work in windows.
    • Openglad 0.97 - No longer leaks huge amounts :-). Should compile on lots of platforms.
    • Openglad 0.95.1 - Now successfully compiles with gcc 3.2.
    • Openglad 0.95 - All features implemented. Compiles under Linux and FreeBSD.
    • Openglad 0.9 - Completely playable under Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, BeOS, and Windows (minor issues under Windows)
    • Openglad 0.1 - 100% FSGames code

To get the full list of releases, go to the files section on sourceforge (here)

The perl script that powers this site is available here. It is distributed under the terms of the GPL.