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We are currently developing Openglad-e to be an expandable version of the original Openglad.

One of the main features of Openglad-e will be it's Lua scripting support. This will be added to several areas of Openglad-e. One is the character definitions. This will allow each character to be modified without having to recompile Openglad-e. Think that certain characters need to be rebalanced? This will allow you to easily tweak them. Another area is game logic, such as the character specials. When Lua support is finished, most game logic will be modifiable to the extent that mods could be created.

Another significant feature will be Targa graphic support, along with an increase in resolution to 640x400. While Openglad did support a 640x400 mode, the raw graphic data had to be doubled in order to fill up the extra space since they were designed for 320x200. With Openglad-e, there is support for higher resolution, thus more graphic detail. All the graphics are also Targa files now, which can be edited with virtually any graphics editor. These graphics changes are nearly completed in the CVS version of Openglad-e. Unforunately, these changes won't be apparent until someone works on improving or creating new artwork for Openglad-e.

Planned Feature List:

    Native resolution of 640x400, upped from 320x200. [done]
    Targa graphic support [done]
    Ogg Vorbis sound support [done]
    Character Lua scripts [done]
    Lua scripting support for game logic [work in progress]
    Map trigger support [planned]
    New Scenario editor [planned]
    New interface [thinking about it]
    New scenario, to showcase new Openglad-e features [thinking about it]

This feature list isn't set in stone, but just some of the stuff that we have discussed about putting into Openglad-e. I am sure there will be many other things as we get farther along, mainly after finishing Lua support since that is what we are focusing on at the moment.